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Attention Backers!
We are ready to allow you to use the Pledge Menager for Star Scrappers: Cave-In!
Now you can confirm your pledge, manage Add-ons, and pay for shipping through the Gamefound system.
We have selected AwakenRealms as our platform provider for Pledge Management. AwakenRealms provides the best (in our opinion) tools we looked at when choosing a platform.

We have tried to create a shipping system that will allow us to use shipping rates and delivered information to calculate shipping costs for the chosen rewards and Add-ons.
We will charge shipping costs close to the actual shipping cost as close to actual shipping costs as possible for each order.
Shipping will be charged directly in the Pledge Manager.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at
Messages left as comments in Kickstarter may not receive a response at the appropriate time.


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